Dates and Procrastination

Yesterday, the 13th June, was my Mother’s birthday. Having procrastinated about creating a blog I figured that it was a good day to start one. All being well she would hopefully be casting currents of creative energy and positivity in my direction. I didn’t do it. She would have been 57.

In my arrogance I never thought I would be one for dates when loved ones died. How the hell would I have known that? Turns out dates are a big thing for me (and turns out I never really knew what it was to have someone really close die). Not surprising really when you consider that I grew up in a household dominated by astrological superstitions. I’d thought the latter day scientist in me had banished such dichhotomies.

But I see it there, her little plaque, taken from her coffin, 22nd September 2010, another date of huge significance – the death date, the unknown date of huge personal significance that we are not privy to during life.

And so yesterday Mam’s birthday  took it’s slightly heavy toll. But not today, today I start my blog. I don’t know where you are mam but if you can reign down your will in order that I get over this period of procrastination, for once I won’t be telling you to get off my back and “I’ll do it!”, I’ll just say thanks and I love you too.

To listen to a relevant audio piece about my relationship with my mother and her last few years. Please listen to this short audio documentary I produced with RTE last year.

Click HERE – The Curious Ear: Groundhog and Mirror Jane O’Connor’s story of her final years with her mother.


About musingjoc

I spend a lot of time thinking about different aspects of life, from relationships, to who we are, to what we are doing? etc. Some of these interests and stories I make into audio pieces. Other tidbits I'd just like to share with you here.
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