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I spend a lot of time thinking about different aspects of life, from relationships, to who we are, to what we are doing? etc. Some of these interests and stories I make into audio pieces. Other tidbits I'd just like to share with you here.


There’s a line in the movie Fight Club where Brad Pitt’s character Tyler Dundon states  “ The things you own end up owning you.” Now I’ve always known on an intellectual level that this is true, but it’s not until … Continue reading

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The Irish Tingle

The Irish Tingle “ Water is a great leveller.” My Mother used to say. What the hell does she mean by that?  I hear you ask. Well I guess what she meant was that when you’re feeling out of kilter … Continue reading

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Revelations and Resolutions (I am a sinner)

  Whilst pondering painfully over my lack of  productive progress in life (despite managing to complete my previous blog), the pressure of doing nothing (or at least very little over the past 2 years)  built almost to a breakdown last … Continue reading

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Dates and Procrastination

Yesterday, the 13th June, was my Mother’s birthday. Having procrastinated about creating a blog I figured that it was a good day to start one. All being well she would hopefully be casting currents of creative energy and positivity in … Continue reading

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